7 Rules For Writing Great Product Descriptions

An image may be worth a thousand words, but that doesn’t mean you should ignore the description of your product. Although you do not need to write a novel, the description of your product should arouse the interest of the buyer and such details should be shared. Which is can’t yet show in the picture. Here are seven tips to help you get your product description right:

1. Start with the buyer persona

The description of a good product begins with a good purchase. If you try to appeal to everyone, you will appeal to someone. Imagine that you are talking to your ideal customer. For example, do they appreciate humor or do they talk nonsense? Use the words and phrases they will use.

2. Entice with benefits

It may be tempting to focus on product features but do not overlook the benefits. Be sure to encourage customer purchases. How will your product make them feel? What problems does it solve? You are not just selling the product. You are selling the experience you offer.

3. Justify your adjectives

You think your product is revolutionary, unique and excellent but you are better prepared to answer any question: why? Uses used without backup are hollow. As long as you provide information that proves them, it’s good to use colorful descriptions.

4. Stimulate the senses

An image can give a great picture of your product, but you also want to express the buyer’s other senses in words that describe sound, smell, touch and taste. Sensory attributes help the customer to experience the product through words, which gives more complete details.

5. Include social proof

When people get great reviews, people are often willing to buy it, and you can hide some of it in your product description. Include a customer quote, a press review quote, or the name of an award or compliment you have won. People want to buy popular or high-selling products, and this social proof helps increase confidence and sales.

6. Make it easy to read

Make sure your product description is complete but text is not too hard to read. Use a few sentences to tell the story and then break down the details into bullet points. Bullet points help you get your message across quickly and efficiently, and they add a visual element that can break the page.

7. Use keywords

The words in your description help users to know and understand your product. Similarly, the same words help search engines find your product. Include keywords that your target customers can use to search for your product, and boost your search rankings through individual search engine index to product pages.

By compelling a compelling, accurate and complete product description, you can increase sales and ultimately reduce the likelihood that your product will return. Think about product descriptions, such as starting a conversation with buyers. You can build trust and strong relationships with your audience by using words – as long as you choose them carefully.

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