85000 Dollars Fine for Killing Rare Stork

Louisiana, US State: A man has been fined $ 85,000 and sentenced to public service for hunting two rare storks.

Kaenon Constantin, a Louisiana resident, hunted two storks in May 2016 in Acadia Parish, Louisiana. Storks had transmitters on their claws. After killing the birds, Kaenon cut off the claws of the stork’s transmitter and threw them into a nearby pond.

The International Crane Foundation said in a statement that the death sentence for the rare stork was the harshest given to a Louisiana man.

It should be noted that whooping cranes belong to this species of stork which has become extremely rare all over the world and so far their number has been counted only 850.

It should be noted that the accused lied in many ways for two years, but the police did not give up and finally kaenon pleaded guilty in April 2018. Kaenon was immediately fined $10K and later fined $75K more has been sentenced to pay a penalty.

He has also been ordered to serve the community for 360 hours or else his hunting license will be suspended.

It should be noted that the fine will be paid to the wildlife department as according to the International Crane Foundation, it costs at least $94K to save, raise and rehabilitate only one stork.

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