Business ideas for Startup in Big Cities

Big Cities are known as hub of start-ups. Such as Osaka, New York, Frankfurt, Beijing, Lahore, Mumbai, Karachi, Khartoum, Cape Town, Auckland and Istanbul these are places in the world that witness new business, industry or models developing everyday.

Recruitment Mediator:

Looking for another job just like you guys. If you want to help you and others start your own business where you connect these job seekers with companies that want to hire the right people for the job. You can earn good commissions from both sides. For this business, all you have to do is connect with the recruitment of companies and connect them with people looking for jobs.

Bakery or breakfast shop:

People in New York City like to have breakfast in the morning and evening when they leave for work or return home. This is the perfect time for them to enjoy a short break at home or at the office. You can set up a snack shop or mobile van for this business that is more convenient for you and your pocket. In my opinion you should start by owning a van and the shop will be opened after the customers have given you a lot of love.

Become an online trader:

Online trading is very common these days. It has occupied a large market place. All you have to do is upload your type of product when choosing from a wide range of categories. Show the best prices you can offer your products for sale and make good money. Sites like Amazon and Alibaba are generating potential for many people.

Offers dry cleaning services:

In New York, people need a dry cleaner for a variety of items, but at the same time, they do not have much time to visit dry cleaning stores. This gives you the edge of the market as you can pick up and remove dry clothes from customers. You can get a good amount of money for such services and consumers will pay happily because they are getting door-to-door services without any effort.

Insurance brokers:

Living in New York without insurance is not allowed. You need insurance for everything from your life to furniture like your home furniture. It is forbidden for citizens to live without insurance because it is a risk to the government as well.

Gym space:

Even if New Yorkers are busy working there, they take care of their health. This is the first thing for them to do before anything. They make time for their busy schedule to visit the gym. That way, you can even set up a small gym in your home but it should be neat and tidy.

Pick up and leave the car wash:

In such a busy schedule where people are leaving their children at daycare, how can you imagine they have time to do a car wash? You can offer car wash service to car owners in New York where you pick up and drop off cars after washing and in their places. People pay a hefty sum for such services.

Pet care:

Where people need care for their children and homes they don’t have time to care for their pets. For those who like to hang out with dogs and cats, this is a great job offer for your people as you can walk them and spend time playing with them. Not only will you get money from this business but you will also love pets.

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