Counterfeit Goods Verification Service

Counterfeit goods have always been around, and with the massive increase in the sales of luxury brands over the past 20 years, more and more counterfeit goods are appearing in the market. Some people buy it with the purpose of counterfeiting, because it is cheaper than the original, but some people prefer to keep the real thing. This need can also cause people to cheat when they think they are going to buy the real thing.

To combat this, you can start a fake authentication service. Starting locally, you can learn how to find the original version and fake version of a particular location, such as the Rolex watch. From there, you’ll go with the buyer to the point of sale (except it’s from the Roux shop), and confirm that this was the original deal. The buyer will pay you a fee for this service, and you will be on your way. As you grow this business, you can invest in building software down the road.

If you like dealing with a particular luxury item, this would be a great business idea to try.

Startup costs for Counterfeit Goods Verification Service:

  • Business cards = $50
  • Business license = $150
  • Transportation = $550

Total = $750

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