How to Grow a Straw Bale Vegetable Garden in small place

Straw gardens are a dream comes true for those who love to eat vegetables. They are easy to make, versatile and cheap. Use the garden instructions to grow fresh herbs and vegetables outside your door.
Straw orchards allow smallholders to grow vegetables anywhere. Just water them on time, dig a hole, and put all the veggies of your choice inside.
Some vegetables can be easily grown in a straw bale, some of which are tomatoes, potatoes, peppers, eggplant, lettuce, beans, peas and herbs. Once you learn how to grow vegetables from a straw bale garden, you can deal with squash, cucumber, zucchini and pumpkin.
Tip: For large plants, only two of each species should be grown in a plant pot, while five small plants can grow in a single plant pot. Your straw bale will eventually turn into compost, this way your garden will get fertilizer.

What you need for start a Straw Bale Vegetable Garden


  • Garden trowel
  • Hand cultivator
  • Container to discard straw


  • Straw bale
  • Liquid fertilizer
  • Tomato plant
  • Basil plants
  • Garden soil

How to do it?

Condition Straw Bale (Step 1)

To properly condition your straw bale for planting, you will need to monitor its moisture level. Fill the bale thoroughly with water for three days to make sure it stays moist, pressing your hand inside the bale to check for moisture and heat. Over the next six days, use liquid fertilizer to make sure the bale contains the right amount of nitrogen for healthy plant growth. A standard blend of vegetables from your local gardening store will work. After feeding the bale, keep it moist for two more days before planting. After all, when the bale is warm – but cooler than your hand – now you are ready to plant.

Dig Hole (Step 2)

By Using garden trowel, Dig a bale of straw in the middle. Dig a hole little deeper and wider than the roots of the plant. If you want to grow a tomato plant in your straw bale, Dig deeper holes than you do for other vegetables like squash, peppers and cucmbers.

Plant Vegetables (Step 3)

Put the plants of your choice in the straw bale. Fill the pot around the plants with soil. Give water as needed. Fertilize once or twice a week. Doing so will complement the nutrients that plants normally get when they are planted in the soil.

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