How to Interview Other Leaders for Company Blog

Interviews should be part of your content strategy. By interviewing people in your industry, especially those with loyal followers, you accomplish three extremely important things with minimal effort: you strengthen the relationship with that person and give them a stage. , They benefit from traffic when you share. Interview with their audience, and you elevate your brand by lining up with industry leaders.

In order for this to happen, the interview process needs to be done perfectly. If you want to start interviewing people on your company’s blog, here are the steps to follow.

Start with a guest wish list and mix things up

Of course you want to interview the biggest names there, but you also want to start this campaign temporarily. Don’t wait for the big names to respond, and instead start with some people in your network and those you know will agree to be interviewed.

Once your interviews are published, it gives you the reputation of referring to the big names, but the most important thing here is to make a wish list. Start with 20 people, 10 who are accessible and 10 who manage to convince you that this will be a big win.

Create a standard outreach message and figure out where to send it

The message you ask the person sends is whether they will agree to the interview if you want it to be effective, but the basics are the same. This should include your campaign and an introductory statement about how you are interviewing leaders and would like to include this person. Of course, a link to previous interviews is also helpful.

Then the question is which platform are you using to send the message? This requires research. Where is this person active? Where are they engaged? If they are not active on Twitter, maybe check out Facebook. If not, maybe LinkedIn. It’s always best to keep the email informal before leaving, which is a bit more unnecessary.

Make a repository from which you can extract questions based on the specific person

The format of the interview should be quite permanent. Five or 10 questions you send by e-mail or you ask over the phone according to the person’s preference. So if you’re going for 10, then maybe make a list of 30 or 40 questions all together, and depending on the specific interview, you can choose which questions are most relevant.

Don’t forget to ask some questions about the context. At the beginning of the interview, ask this person to tell their readers the story of their background. This is always a good way to frame the rest of the interview.

Send the final draft for review before publishing

This is very important. Sometimes things get lost on the phone or people make mistakes when sending emails. Make sure the person sees and approves the interview before publishing it. However, you are mutually interested in making that person look good. Otherwise, they won’t share or appreciate it and you won’t get anything.

Don’t forget to send the live link and a thank-you to the person you interviewed

Your thank you email should never be underestimated. Thanking a person with a good follow-up email is always appreciated. Include a link and maybe a title or a link to your tweet so they can be shared if they’re inclined to do so, but stay tuned. Don’t ask or demand that they participate. This type of aggressive marketing is usually the opposite of what you expected.

Share the interview far and wide, and tag the person appropriately

Once the article is alive, share it across platforms and make sure you optimize for each site. Therefore, for Twitter, the title should be clearly short and the person should be properly tagged in your tweet. Facebook and LinkedIn For them, maybe take a quote from the interview and share the rest like a teaser with the link to read. The important thing is that you maximize your distribution, taking advantage of the nature of each platform.

Interviews are powerful for a simple reason. You are giving the stage to someone else but, since you have created this stage, you stand right next to them, and you benefit from both results.

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