How to Promote Your Links in Forums

Forum marketing works well for most businesses as it gives you direct access to a relevant audience of the forum topic (and often the expert). Forum link building can provide you with increased web traffic and quality leads, provided you have a good selection of your forums. Since posting forums can be time-consuming, since you may be dealing with a web-savvy crowd, it is especially important that you make a wise choice to identify the forum that best suits your needs.

Choosing the highly Effective Forums for Link Building

List potential forums You can find a forum to try by looking at your current traffic references. These can be forums from which you can draw a lot of traffic. Survey your clients, fans, and followers and read any tracking information that shows up on their most visited sites and forums. Get suggestions from forum search engines like board search engines. Choose forums with 1000, 1000 subscribers or more for the best ROI and average 10 – 15 new posts daily. This does not include spam posting.

Types of Forums to AVOID

  • Forums that don’t allow links
  • Forums with lots of spam comments/posts
  • Forums run by competitors

How to Get Started on Forum Marketing:

  • Try out new forums that promise to maximize your influence.
  • Make sure you understand and adhere to the forum rules about promotional materials.
  • Get moderation permission for anything you are not sure about
  • Before posting, check the forums to check them out
  • Introduce yourself to a thoughtful post about why you joined this forum and what to expect.
  • Make yourself valuable to the community by taking a back seat with self-promotion
  • Enter your link in your forum signature using HTML or BB code (Bulletin board formatting code used in some forums). Some of the most important forums do not allow the promotion of such signature links or you will be banned. Be sure to follow any forum guidelines.
  • Track your traffic and conversions so you know which forums are producing results.
  • Post insightful and useful comments several times each week to build credibility and increase your reputation over time.

Stay away from these forum marketing strategies

  • Do not place links in the main message thread
  • Do not use paid forum posters, as they are generally not appropriate for the subculture represented in the forum and do not look genuine
  • Don’t join forum play or post / reply when you’re angry
  • Don’t post marketing messages as a new angel, unless you set them up with Admin Advertising, such as a sneaky post, admin, or forum owner

Share the Most of Your Forum links: Link to a Purpose-built Landing Page

For the best results, create a personalized experience for your new forum visitors through a targeted landing page. The page should ideally speak directly to the people who clicked on the forum page. This makes the visitor feel welcome, let them know that they are in the right place and direct you (according to the desired action) to your next desired move. By directing the forum’s traffic to a specific landing page, you can improve your page’s ranking and ensure that new visitors see the content appropriate for them. It can be an introductory content about your product or service, and it can highlight key benefits, products / services / features or offer special offers that make the forum users more interested. Skit testing can help you determine the best types of content to link to your website.

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