10 Reasons You Should Background Check Your Tinder Date

As we continue to live our lives under lockdown, more of us are turning to online meetings as a way to cope with boredom, and introduce ourselves to new people. As the old ways of Social or business gathering, like meeting new people in restaurants, museums, or community halls are slowly becoming more obsolete in the wake of a global pandemic, online meetings or conversations is almost exclusively the only surefire way of meeting new singles during a global quarantine period.

Although the popularity of Zoom dates has skyrocketed in recent months, as online daters are experiencing their first date via a computer camera, just meeting online can be dangerous.

These are the reasons why you should use a criminal record background check to investigate a new person or love interest that you’ve met online.

1. They Might Be A Catfish Or Scammer

It’s easy to assume the identity of someone else when you’re online. Dishonesty has a big range when it comes to the internet. Your online date could be a completely fictional persona, designed to steal your money. They use stock photos, have a fake name, and even claim to live in a place they’ve never been to. After they lure you in, they ask for money with a dramatic story —  they need it for a plane ticket to come and visit you, or they’ve developed a fatal disease and need the cash for treatment. 

2. They Might Be Lying About Something Important

If it’s easy to pretend to be a completely different person on the internet, it’s even easier to tell a lie. Is your online date already in a relationship or worse, married? Is their profile photograph actually from twenty-five years ago? Perhaps they claim that they’re wealthy and own a Porsche…but they’re actually in debt and take the bus. Public records can help you learn the truth about someone, even if you’ve never met them face-to-face.

3. They Could Be Dangerous

Getting your heart broken by liar sucks. But after time heals your emotional wounds, you’ll be okay — even if a scammer stole from you. But ending up on a date with a dangerous, violent criminal could be fatal. That’s why it’s important that you always background check someone who you met online. If you’re planning on getting face-to-face with a stranger, you need to make sure that they haven’t been convicted of a violent offense, or have been placed on the sex offender registry. Currently, popular social platforms do not screen members to see if they have any prior convictions. By searching public records, you can find out this information and get vital information about someone that you’re considering meeting up with.

4. You Could Find Out That You’re Not Compatible

With a background check, you can search existing public records to learn more about someone that you want to date. Information like social media profiles, social profiles, photographs, relatives, hunting and fishing licenses, concealed weapons permits, and vehicle information may be included in a report. If you’re a staunch vegan and find out they’re an avid hunter, you might think twice about going on a date with them.

In conclusion, it’s always a smart idea to learn more about anyone you met online.

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