Personal Fitness Trainer and Way to Complete Career

Personal training is a big business approximately 10 billion dollar industry, in fact, according to market research from IBISWorld. It is a constantly evolving industry, providing a variety of career opportunities for individuals interested in becoming a personal trainer. Personal training is a flexible career and allows immediate admission with a high school degree and a national certificate. However, advanced training, experience, and success in post-secondary education careers can better train trainers. Learn about personal trainers, available types of education programs, certifications and specialties, and professional approaches.

Personal Trainer Salaries in the US

According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics, in 2015, the national median salary for fitness trainers was slightly more than $36,000. However, the ability to earn varies greatly depending on the location of the job, specialization and credentials, client and location. Use the map below to find out more personal trainer salaries across the United States.

Personal Trainer Job Growth

The fitness industry is constantly evolving as new products and fitness trends take shape. With this evolution comes a natural increase in employment. The Bureau of Labor Statistics prepares for more than 23,000 job plans for fitness trainers nationally between 2014 and 2024. Find out more about job estimation for a personal trainer career using the map below.

It Requires A High School Degree.

The majority of national certification bodies only require candidates to pass a high school diploma or equivalent certification exam. Although post-secondary education, in the form of a certificate, training course or formal degree is highly recommended, at least the educational requirement must be met.

Choose the Fitness Specialty in Which You Can Perform Best

Before getting into any type of training, it is important to decide on the career path. Potential trainers can choose a skill that matches their set of skills, personal interests, and professional goals. Once you’ve made your way, review the various fitness certification companies and each of their fitness certifications. Choose a program that makes the most sense from the point of view of preparation and professional results.

Find institute for Personal Fitness Trainer Certification

Search across the city where you live, find nameable fitness GYM. The next step is to enroll in the selected certification exam. Registration usually involves a request and a fee. Most personal training certificates are computer-based tests that include between 120 and 150 multiple-choice questions.

Apply for a job and create a portfolio

Once you pass your exam and become a certified personal trainer, you qualify for positions in multiple fitness settings. To get started, NASM and other fitness organizations have online job postings.
Many trainers gain experience by working in their local gym and shadowing an experienced trainer before finding out about other opportunities in their area. Other clients choose to build a roster, acting as independent professionals. However, building a portfolio of clients, industry-affiliated contacts and continuing your education can make you more marketable in the long run.

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