Photography business by Drone Aerial Video

The power of drones has gotten an epic cinema shot for a business video, wedding or ceremony, a fact for those who can’t afford a helicopter. However, not everyone wants to buy a drone unless they intend to use it more than once or twice a year. According to the regulations in some areas regarding the use of drones, people may have trouble doing it themselves.

This is where an aerial video / photography company business enters. Although this is done and there is competition, there are very few barriers to entry for this business idea. You can start your business with some education of the various rules, which can be found here for US readers or for Canadian readers, and via video / photo-capable drones.

The first step the second step can take is to partner with other photographers who don’t have the ability to operate a drone. An ad on the Craigslist can also run some leads for people who need event aerials. Free video editing software like Windows Movie Maker or i-Movie. Since you are selling videos, a website will be more effective than flyers.

Startup costs for Drone Aerial Video/ Photography business:

  • High Quality Drone with camera = $600
  • Website = $150
  • Business Licenses = $150 (depends on where you live but this will usually cover it)
  • Business cards and printing = $50
  • Total = $930

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