The world’s first pocket-sized laptop and tab pockets

For those gentlemen who cannot do typing on the phone, there is a beautiful seven-inch laptop that is also the world’s first FourG laptop. That is, in the absence of Wi-Fi, you can connect it to the Internet anywhere via SIM.

The Peakago laptop is on a crowdfunding site that has been undergoing rapid work since it was received funds, and it is expected that its first shipment will be sent to those who have submitted the advance in March 2020. To be successful.

The Peakago laptop weighs only 539 grams and starts at $ 399, while the last will be revealed in the Four G model. It uses Intel’s N4200 processor which delivers significant speeds, while the two models come with the Forge and the ATG RAM with storage differences.

Another feature of Picago is that as you fold the keyboard and move it to the back, the keyboard keys stop working and the screen turns into a touchscreen touchscreen. In this way it plays an important tool anywhere and in any situation. This Pocket Lab has smartphones, tablets and other features.

According to the Peakago Company, this innovation includes years of research and hard work. Weight-wise, it’s also lighter than the MacBook Air, which can fit in smaller bags and even bigger pockets. Its keyboard can bend to 355 and read a book or search on it.

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