The world’s smallest color printer

The world’s smallest color printer can handle one hand that weighs only 110 grams, but it can carry continuous color printing for hours.

It’s called the Pine Cube. The feature is that it can print colorful images, messages and text on paper, clothing, wood, human skin, metal and uneven surfaces. Keeps the printer at the desired level and rotates it by pressing the button so it immediately prints the text of the selected image from your memory.

The main invention controlled by the WiFi and smartphone app costs around $ 400 but can last up to 6 hours. Whether it’s a complex design, a picture or just words. The print cube has made printing very easy and modern, requiring only a single button.

The print cube is built on today’s fast paced life that you can use at travel, party or anywhere. Most importantly, the print cube prints smoothly at multiple levels at uniform speed. The optical sensor installed in it selects the first layer and orders the cartridge to be dispersed.

The printing cartridge installed in it works on thermal principles and prints beautiful pictures and designs closer to reality. The battery lasts for up to 6 hours of continuous charging. If you keep the battery in the drawer, its power does not run out for a year. A colorful cartridge can print up to 415 pages in a row.

A printer can hold up to 20 images and designs at a time. The final product has come out this month after the invention was donated to the Internet. Earlier, the printer was tested repeatedly and its errors were corrected.

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