This Flying Car can be yours for just US $ 6 million

Flying car was offered in the US for a starting price of US $6 million. Although not the world’s first flying car, it is certainly the first car to be manufactured on a commercial scale. It’s been named the Pioneer Personal Landing Vehicle (PAL-V).

This 3 wheeled car uses specific technologies that are proven and the rules for using it are clear. On the ground it operates like a car, but can be converted into a small helicopter with just a few buttons when needed.

The $ 6 million may seem like a lot, but it is a lot lower than the experimental flyers. Probably because of this, more than 70 orders of this car have arrived so far, while hundreds more orders are expected in the next few days. The company intends to offer a relatively low-cost model of the same car next year, called “PAL-V Liberty Sport”, which will be priced at US $ 355,000 (about US $ 25 million).

The “PAL-V” has a capacity of two people while it has a 230 horsepower engine. Despite such a lively engine, it weighs just 1,500 pounds (600kg), which is nothing short of a small car. Carbon fiber, titanium and aluminum have been used to make it lighter and stronger.

It requires a 540-foot-long runway to fly, while only 100 feet long runway is sufficient for landing. Its driving / flying system is like a power bike. As the air rises, its helicopter-like petals open and it begins to fly towards its destination. Although nothing is said about its maximum speed, it has been said that it can reach zero to 60 mph (96 km per hour) in just eight seconds when it lands.

It also has a large fuel tank with a capacity of 27 gallons (102 liters). Thanks to this, it can travel up to 500 km at 3500 m altitude, while once on the ground, it can refuel once and reach 1207 km.

After landing, the petals of ‘PAL-V’ are folded inward in its upper part, just as the bats wrap their long wings in a very short space.

Despite all these qualities, PAL-V has just completed 150 hours of flight, after which he will undergo rigorous tests, then go to the “European Aviation Safety Agency” and receive a formal permit. Apart from Europe, the United States will also be legally recognized as a “Flying Car”.

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