Tips, Resources and Tools to Build Incredible Newsletter Campaigns

Newsletters are an essential part in successful marketing campaigns. Regular contact with your customers will lead to sales and brand loyalty. What is the best way to run click-through rates? What are the elements of a successful newsletter campaign? These five tips will help you optimize the newsletter for your next campaign.

Develop a Goal for Each Newsletter

It should be more specific than “drive traffic”, or “sales growth”. Maybe you want your customers to do a survey, watch a product demo video or download a book. If you’re planning a series of regularly published newsletters, create a series of developmental goals for everyone that guide users through the sales funnel.
Once you have a goal for a newsletter, it is easy to write or edit previously published content that prepares readers for the target process. Make sure your call to action reinforces the purpose of the newsletter.

Newsletter Design Basics

Choose a white newsletter template with plenty of space and stick to the same template for the entire campaign. In newsletter campaigns, less is more. White space lets readers easily scan content they want to read and highlight your call to action.
To avoid spam filters and improve customer engagement, select an email address that matches the sender’s name. For example, a newsletter campaign for a pet supply company could use PetStore Puppies as the sender’s name with this email address: Avoid common addresses like “noreply@,” and sales@.

Content and Link Tracking

Select no more than five pieces of educational content for each newsletter. Each content should include a call to action and a link to your main website. Links should be created as tracking URLs so that you can track your clickthrough and landing page conversion rates.

Include a clickable table at the beginning of your newsletter and be sure to include links to all of your social media accounts below.
Photos make content more attractive, but don’t use more than 8 or 10 in a single newsletter. This will prevent it from being blocked by the firewall or tagged as spam.

Use images to drive your call execution and create tracking links in your photos that send readers back to your site.
Remember that by law, your company name, address, and unsubscribe link must be included in any email newsletters you send.

Don’t Send Until You Test

Send your newsletter to some colleagues to make sure it is not spread by a spam filter. Ask them to proofread and test each link. Once you are confident that your newsletter campaign is ready for prime time, send it to only 10% of your email list first and allow a day’s feedback to be confirmed. That everything is working well and there is no mistake. Then you can send it safely to the rest of your users.

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