Top Cotton Producing Countries In The World

What Is Cotton and Their Uses

Cotton is a plant fiber and one that is soft and fast and grows in shrubs. Cotton is used to manufacture textiles from which fabrics are manufactured. These dresses are generally lightweight and comfortable. Cotton is produced in large quantities all over the world. Cotton seeds are sown in fields where weeds and unwanted plants are removed. The best pesticides and fertilizers are used to ensure the best quality products. Harvesting is done through the machine when the cotton is shaped like a bull. Later, it is processed for sowing, picking, ginning and billing. Other types of chemicals and machinery are used to produce the best quality of cotton.

Countries with the Highest Production of Cotton and Reasons for Higher Production

China 🇨🇳
With about 100 100,000 farmers cultivating cotton, China is the largest cotton producing country. There are 7,500 textile companies in China, which manufactures 73 US billion US cotton cloth annually. Cultivation requires moderate rainfall. To protect plants from pests, pesticides and fertilizers are widely used.

India 🇮🇳
India is the second-largest producer of cotton. Cotton is being used in India only after the Indus Valley civilization, where cotton threads were exported. India produces 6,423 thousand metric tons of cotton last year. The reason for such a large production is the climate which is most favorable in the northern part of the country. In India, a moderate temperature of 25 to 35 degrees Celsius is suitable for cotton cultivation. It is processed in large quantities by modern machines based on quality requirements.

United States 🇺🇸
The United States, which is the third-largest cotton-producing country, harvested it with modern machines. Florida, Mississippi, California, Texas, and Arizona are the major cotton-producing states in the United States. Harvesting is done through machines where the bull is raised without harming the plant. The favorable climate in these regions promotes the production of cotton. Spinning looms and power looms have been widely used in the early years. Later, it switched to the advanced technology where you could manufacture cotton according to the quality and desired purpose.

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