You Can Start Businesses Today Just in 500$

NFC Integration Company:

Near-Field Communication (NFC) has been a mainstream technology for about eight years now. Most major smartphones have NFC capabilities, which allow it to interact with other NFC compatible devices. Some examples include payment tap-and-go systems, which are based off of NFC technology, as well as entry badges for authorized access into buildings, and many other applications.

A business idea based from this technology could be an NFC integration company. Taking a niche approach, you can target wealthy home owners who would pay you to put these NFC tags around their house. This would allow them to adjust lights, set alarm systems, grant visitors wifi access, even unlocking the front door with the tap of their phone, to name a few possibilities.

Startup costs for (NFC Integration Company)

  • NFC reader/ writer = $40
  • NFC tags = $30
  • Website = $150
  • Flyers/ Brochure and printing = $35
  • Business Licenses = $150 (depends on where you live but this will usually cover it)
  • Business cards and printing = $50
  • Total = $455

Virtual Inventory Builder:

These days, companies are always looking for ways to reduce inventory volumes in order to reduce overhead costs. Also, some businesses are looking to completely eliminate physical inventory.

For this business idea you will design and re-create a product that is capable of printing to a 3D printer. Best of all, you don’t have to pay for any 3D printers or materials, you can easily sell product design files.

To start this business, you will need to know how to design CAD files, 3D printer capabilities so that you can match your clients’ content and add some business cards to the network. You can even connect so that clients from all over the world can access the 3D printer of their needs at a specific location. That makes the inventory really virtual.

Startup costs for Virtual Inventory Creator:

  • Course to learn how to design 3D printable files = $85
  • Website = $150
  • Business Licenses = $150 (depends on where you live but this will usually cover it)
  • Business cards and printing = $50
  • Total = $435

Remote Employee Satisfaction Service:

There is a growing trend of working from home. This can not only save the employer costs as they do not have to pay for desk space and office supplies, but for the employee, this means avoiding lunch and rush hours at home every day. ۔ To accomplish this, a remote employee satisfaction service would be an excellent business idea.

Key aspects will include the setting up of resources that the employer requires, such as software for employee work tracking, communication channels like messenger setups, remote access to file setups, compensation recommendations, jobs. Contract recommendations, and retreat of the team for re-joining remote employees. Many of these software systems can cost you your client. Since this business will be knowledge-based, and there will be a short sale of products, the investment in this business will be self-learning.

Startup costs for Remote Employee Satisfaction Service:

  • Book: Influencing Virtual Teams: 17 Tactics that get things done – $10
  • Book: Remote Workforce Training: Effective Technologies and Strategies – $145
  • Book – SSL Remote Access VPN’s (This is knowledge on how to have remote access to company information and networks) = $55
  • Flyers to hand to local businesses
  • Flyer Brochures and Printing = $35
  • Business cards and printing = $50
  • Business Licenses = $150 (depends on where you live but this will usually cover it)
  • Total = $445

Airbnb management business:

Airbnb is still a growing company worldwide and probably. This path will continue for years to come. Especially in big cities where rent is high, people are finding it very easy because it can help them pay the rent.

If you are interested in property management, but want to find a growing new area, this is the thing. Airbnb administration’s business will be managed by other people’s Airbnb. Therefore, you will be in charge of cleaning the space, preparing the keys for the guests, and helping them. Finally, the owner of this place will be charged a special fee to do all this. Startup costs can also be low as it will be primarily a service oriented business that you can start on your own.

Startup costs for Airbnb management business:

  • Cleaning supplies = $250
  • Business cards = $50
  • Business license = $150
  • Total = $450

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